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Meet the heart of my practice: my cherished clients, whose journeys to wellness inspire and drive my mission

‘Leading a fairly busy lifestyle revolving around work and sports I was recommended to Rebecca by a friend to help with long standing issues with my sleep and recent bouts of brain fog.

She took extreme care and diligence in understanding everything about my diet and lifestyle to hone in on any weak areas for improvement. We worked through a number of completely eye opening tests and tweaks that have revolutionised a number of areas in my diet and lifestyle.

I am now sleeping great, thinking clear, feeling very positive and energetic, and training really well, personal bests are coming and I’m recovering quicker. My girlfriend is now going through a consultation process too, I couldn’t recommend her more.’

Adam, London

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‘I did a six sessions with Rebecca. The process was not rushed, nor was I left feeling rushed on our one to one's. I was given time to put in place the new dietary plans and Rebecca was happy to wait for third party test results to come through.

For the past four years, I have suffered with severe atopic dermatitis (eczema). In the mean time, I have left doctors speechless as well as shocking a dermatologist by the severity of my condition. I was offered a temporary fix with high intensity medication without any long term solution. After coming off a prolonged course of medication. I sought help from Rebecca to make sure the progress wasn't ruined. She took the time to understand everything about my immune system. Listened to my needs, as well as helping me react less to animals. Rebecca provided multiple tasty dietary plans suiting the food that I am intolerant to as well as avoiding food I dislike.

Rebecca's dedicated work and time has helped avoid any flare ups. She knew the outcome before test results had even come back. Not only are the external factors looked into but also any potential internal factors are analysed and considered. A huge massive thank you to Rebecca for taking such good care of me and helping getting my clear skin back.’
A, Solihull
'I have been gluten free for some time but after I had a bad bout of covid, I found that I could no longer tolerate foods that I had been able to eat previously.

I had industrial quantities of wind both up and down. I was exhausted, depressed, and had no enthusiasm for life. I was asleep more than I was awake, spending days in bed. I saw my doctor and she prescribed anti-depressants and cognitive behaviour therapy but could offer no help with diet.

I decided to contact Rebecca and during the free initial consultation, she was very easy to speak to - a definite bonus when having to discuss bodily functions - and I felt she understood and sympathised with my problems.

After three months, I have more energy and I am mostly in control of my diet. I do have setbacks but usually Rebecca will find an answer or an explanation. I have regained my enthusiasm for life and can even sometimes be found dancing in the kitchen.'
A Longtail Client, Devon
‘I felt an instant meeting of like minds from my first meeting with Rebecca where I outlined the issues I wanted help with. Rebecca listened and carried out a thorough questioning.

It became apparent that a lot of my problems were gut related. She arranged some tests then from those results made some initial recommendations.

We had a consultation every 2 weeks, after each she tweaked my programme.

By the end of my sessions with Rebecca I was sleeping better, my skin was clear l, I’d lost 2kg and most of the digestive issues that had plagued me beforehand had subsided.

I cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough with her gentle, empathetic approach to helping me heal and the advice she has given me going forward.’
A, Northamptonshire
‘When Rebecca first started working with me I was not in the best of health both physically and mentally and wasn’t sure which way to turn with getting back on track.

After an initial consultation it became clear Rebecca was the right person to help me. Her knowledge and understanding of how nutrition could help me was very impressive and I certainly learnt a lot along the way. I’m pleased to say that months on I’m in a much better place and feel so much healthier and happier because of it.

I can’t recommend or thank her enough.’
Rich, Bristol
‘Rebecca has been great at helping me identify some of my concerns with hunger and tiredness.

She’s been fantastic with providing changes to diet (all of which have been super achievable as she’s taken my lifestyle choices into account), and recommending supplements to take. She’s also never short with yummy recipe recommendations.

Overall I’m able to manage how I’m feeling a lot more, I look forward to continuing to work with Rebecca.’
J, London

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